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Easily achieve more energy and improved quality of life!

 with the new Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan

The Metabolic Balance meal plan is individually tailored to your specific

needs and is based on scientific research.  

You may have questions about the Metabolic Balance program:

  • “Which foods are optimal for me?”

  • “How should I combine them and how much should I eat?”




What is Metabolic Balance ®

  • Metabolic Balance® is a world-renowned and scientifically proven programme designed to help support symptoms of metabolic dysregulation, optimize your metabolism, balance hormones, and enhance health for successful and lasting weight management.  The programme is personalized, based on your individual blood parameters and biometric data*. This is ideal for clients with overweight and metabolic syndromes including elevated cholesterol, blood glucose imbalances, insulin resistance and elevated blood pressure, which they wish to support using a natural food protocol.

Pink Food

The programme helps support:

  • Metabolic Syndromes; overweight, obesity​

  • Blood Glucose Control & Insulin resistance​

  • Cardiovascular and Cholesterol issues​

  • Food Intolerances and Digestive complaints​

  • Liver Disorders​

  • Hormonal Balance & Menopause​

  • Arthritic & Rheumatic conditions​

  • Headaches & Migraines​

  • Sleep disorders​

  • General fatigue and low mood

How Metabolic Balance® works

The programme is structured around a 4 phase eating plan, with dedicated nutritional support for a 12 week period. Included in the package are the following:-​

– A personalized menu plan* based on those blood results, detailing specific foods.

– One to one nutritional coaching across 8 consultations.

– Optional – A detailed blood panel measuring up to 40 markers (alternatively via your GP)

– Optional – Follow-up blood panel on completion of the programme (alternatively via your GP)



*Your menu plan is completely bespoke and is designed by doctors and nutritionists from Metabolic Balance ® based upon your blood results.

**A follow-up blood panel is helpful to review your progress and changes in blood parameters from beginning to completion of the Metabolic Balance ® programme.

Considering Metabolic Balance® 

  • If you would like to consider Metabolic Balance ® please fill in the contact form or email to arrange a 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss the suitability of the programme. This is a prerequisite of enrolling onto the programme due to the challenging nature of the protocol.

Food Knolling

The 4 Phases of Metabolic Balance® 

  • Phase 1 – 2 days, detox/cleanse. This helps prepare the body for a new nutritional routine.

  • Phase 2 – 14 days, strict/ adjustment phase using menu plan. The phase helps a) replenish nutrients and promote energy and b)provide structured meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on the clients specific food list.

  • Phase 3 – 2 1/2 months, relaxed phase. The remainder of the 3 month programme provides clients with the chance to find their own rhythm and acquire nutritional knowledge to support their health longer-term. During this phase an increasing amount of food groups are added to the programme and clients are permitted meals of their choice.

  • Phase 4 – ongoing, maintenance phase. At the end of the 3-month Metabolic Balance® programme the majority of clients will have reached their health goal, learned which foods optimize their metabolism and carry on with their new way of eating.

You are not alone

In the last 20 years more than 1 million people have already successfully joined the community, which is the Metabolic Balance program. Now it’s your turn to join the community!

Remember, you have your Metabolic Balance coach by your side. They will respond to your individual needs and accompany you throughout the four phases of the program!

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Basic Nutritional Principles

Basics of a healthy and long-term nutrition with the Metabolic Balance Program.

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