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Low Libido and Depression: What’s the Connection?

There are a lot of things that make us unable to enjoy things we normally do and this is a primary indication of depression. The low sex drive is one of those things. It is badly affected because of the decreased energy, having negative thoughts about a partner, and bad feelings about themselves. The major signs of depression are based on trouble concentrating, decreased energy, weight changes, appetite changes, or sadness.

You can get the help through proper treatment and by discussing the matter with your doctor. You shouldn’t have to resign yourself to a sexless existence as a depression-related sexual slump isn’t permanent. Sex is s basic need and when you’re not able to do it, you naturally feel depressed and not satisfied with life.

What do the research studies have to say?

Some researchers have been conducted to show the real connection between low libido and depression. Let’s have a look at the findings of some research studies.

Too common than expectations

According to a research study, 40 percent of females who are dealing with depression have a sexual disorder. The desire disorder is only experienced by 10% of women. These findings are showing an alarming situation with the rise in the number of depressed people.

Addiction issues and stressful life events

Facing stressful life events generates low libido and depression. It could be anything from a lost job to divorce etc. The major transitions of life including a child or baby leaving home can also create a depressive feeling. Some other increased risks of depression and low libido are drugs and excessive use of alcohol.

Worst HSDD symptoms due to depression

A recent study has found out that women with HSDD signs seem unhappy in their relationships. They are also depressed and don’t show any interest in having regular physical relationships with their partners. Maintaining and forming the relationship becomes difficult for them. Females with HSDD and premenopausal conditions also struggle harder with depression.

There are a range of symptoms of low libido and depression and these are contributing well to affecting your health in the worst manner. It is possible that you’re experiencing both at once but having a single condition doesn’t show that you have the other.

What are the signs of HSSD?

There are some indications that would let you know about having HSSD. Keep in mind that depression is real and less sex drive can cause serious stress issues in your body.

1. Equal to no genital sensations with sexual activity, approximately 75% to 100% of the time.

2. Struggling to get enjoyment from sex, approximately 75% to 100% percent of the time.

3. Disinterest in sexual relations initiation, and little response to a partner’s efforts.

4. No or few sexual fantasies.

5. No or little interest in sexual activity.

Maintaining the Sex Drive in Depression

You can also maintain a good sex life despite being diagnosed with some depressive disorders. Depression is treatable and you can also get the pleasure of spending intimate moments with your partner. Have a look at these recommendations.

Talk to your doctor

Never make any delay and visit your doctor to deal with this issue. Cognitive behavioral therapy along with antidepressants is used to reframe and recognize unhealthy patterns of thoughts and helps to fight depression in a great manner. Ask for the right medication from your doctor and keep all of their other recommendations in mind.

Do not give up

It is still important to continue doing it even if sex is your last priority. Leaving it for a longer period would make your desire lesser. The continuation would let you come back to the regular sex routine after feeling better. Depression requires some mental break and intimacy is one of its solutions.

Stop comparing yourself with people

Some people do it daily without having any issues and others prefer it twice or thrice a week. People in their 20s do it once a month while someone in their 70s enjoys intercourse many times a week. What you have to do is to stop doing the comparison. Everyone has different body-related problems.

Rework on intimacy

Start it laughing, snuggling, or cuddling to kill the depression for some time. A very close physical relationship is not required to get the desired outcomes. Even holding the hands of your partner can make you feel great. Keep in mind that depression is caused by the less physical bond between you and your partner. So, you can make it possible by hugging them or putting your head on their lap for a few minutes. This really works the way you want.

What is the right time to talk to a doctor?

The low sex drive can be a common problem. However, some major indications would notify you to visit your doctor.

1. Symptoms within six or more months.

2. Lower self-esteem is another reason that would let you go to the doctor.

3. Loss of interest in social activities

4. Poorly affected quality of life is also indicating that you have to discuss the condition with your practitioner.

5. No feel of pleasure while doing sex and it’s happening for a longer period.

Making more delays can make the situation worse. It is better to be safe than sorry. They would find the actual problem and can treat you accordingly.

The Final Words

No one has the perfect internal body system. Everyone has any kind of disease or health-related issue that differentiates them from others. Your low libido problem can be a result of any internal health issue or some thoughts that are hard to ignore. Depression is real and it must be treated well. Therefore, you need to stop finding cures for depression by relying on over-the-counter medications or any home remedy. When it comes to feeling depressed due to less sex drive, you should immediately book an appointment with any renowned doctor straight away. This is not a problem that you can treat by trusting the home remedies or through useless recommendations from friends and family.

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